4 Ways to Use AI in Real Estate to Increase Your Sales

Published On: September 5th, 2023Categories: Buying and Selling, Real Estate Marketing, Social Media, Tips & TricksLast Updated: September 5th, 202310.7 min read

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Are the robots taking over real estate? No need to worry about that (yet!) – it’s just artificial intelligence (AI) being used, by humans, to make our lives easier. AI in real estate is actually a lot more helpful for real estate agents and their clients than it is scary. It helps with collecting, analyzing, and distributing data and creating marketing content and advertising campaigns. AI can be used to automate and accelerate tasks, similar to many other tools we use on a daily basis. (Think workflow management apps or Siri). So, here are five ways you can use AI in your real estate business to increase performance and sales.

Write Better Listing Descriptions

AI can speed up the writing process by doing the heavy lifting for you in the beginning. Upload a property’s specs to an AI program with specific instructions on how you want the listing description to sound. For example, the tone it should have and who the audience should be. Then edit the results to correct anything the AI missed and add a personal (i.e. human) touch.

Search for Properties Faster

Searching for listings that match your client’s needs is time-consuming, and potential options can still slip through the cracks. Let AI do the searching instead by setting up an auto-alert when new properties come onto the market. It can even pull historical data and create a report on comparable properties and market trends in the area.

Communicate with Clients More Efficiently

AI responds quickly and can be available at any time to answer questions on a website or through text messaging. Use it to send marketing emails and communications that are triggered by an action, such as someone requesting a buyer’s or seller’s appointment. The AI can handle the initial inquiries and “easy” questions while you focus on the more in-depth details.

Create Engaging Marketing Content

Have AI analyze current trends and consumer behavior to determine what will perform best and create your marketing plan from there. AI can draft entire ad campaigns, emails, and social media captions, as well as track their engagement levels. Use it to auto-fill recent market data into pre-made, branded templates and schedule it to post regularly on social media. 

The presence of AI in real estate is only going to grow as the technology continues to develop further. There are flaws, but they are continuously being worked on, and we can all help it to improve faster. The more we use it, the more it learns (and we learn), and the more helpful it can be to us. AI isn’t meant to replace real estate agents – it’s a tool to outsource certain tasks and improve overall performance. So, give it a try and find the AI tools that work best for you in your real estate business. Then you can spend more time focusing on meeting your clients’ needs.

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