About The Company

Square Foot Photography is a lean startup gaining nationwide presence that offers residential and commercial real estate photography and aerial imaging services. We grew out of our own need for timely, professional photography that remained cost effective. Every day, our team of photographers, image editors, and administrators strive to maintain an efficient workflow, passing the savings on to our clients. Our goal is to fulfill every order as quickly as possible, maintaining high standards, and remaining budget conscious. We strive to free our customers to focus on every other facet of moving a property.

We provide a comprehensive photography and image editing solution. Allow us to manage the images representing your property, and rest assured that every step will be carefully executed. From our experienced professional photographers who immerse themselves into every frame, to our obsessive post production staff who delicately curate every finalized image. To our well coordinated staff who keep everything running smoothly. Allow us to bring your listings to the forefront, and help you close the deals that really matter.