Matterport 3D Tour: It’s Not Just for Homes

Published On: June 27th, 2022Categories: Buying and Selling, Real Estate MarketingLast Updated: November 2nd, 20228.8 min read

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A Matterport 3D tour takes the virtual tour experience to the next level with a more seamless pathway. The viewer can “walk” through a property as if the photos have come to life in 3D. Property listings with Matterport tours receive more engagement and more qualified leads. But it isn’t just for residential listings. Did you know Matterport can also benefit business offices, retail and commercial spaces, health and fitness studios, and more? Let’s look at how Matterport can build a stronger brand and take these businesses’ online presence to the next level!

Business Offices

Businesses that offer services can use Matterport to convey professionalism and credibility. These include real estate agents, mortgage lenders, title agents, and even doctors. A key aspect of a service business is to provide excellent customer experiences. A Matterport tour allows a customer to start that experience by previewing areas of the office they would see in person. This is the first impression and influences their decision to use a business’ services. If they’re more comfortable visiting the office, they’re more likely to agree to work together.

Retail & Commercial Spaces

Buyers and renters looking for retail or commercial spaces sometimes need more help to envision them as ideal for a business. Static photos may not be enough, and these spaces are not as easy to tour as residential homes. A Matterport tour shows a wider perspective by “stitching” images into a panoramic view. This may also help contractors better understand the scope of a project when discussing potential renovations.

Health & Fitness Studios

Matterport can help health and fitness studios show off a high-quality, safe, and comfortable space for their clientele. Gyms, spas, and salons have specialized equipment that potential clients are often interested in vetting before making an appointment or signing up for a membership. Mattterport tours can increase their confidence and help build a comfortable experience before they ever set foot inside the business.

Matterport is a great tool to leverage a business’ physical space to increase brand awareness and credibility. It’s also a more affordable option than a full-production AR or video experience with all the bells and whistles. It takes more and more to set a business apart from its competitors in a saturated market. That shouldn’t mean it takes more and more of your budget!

Square Foot Photography offers Matterport 3D tour services starting at $135 per property. Schedule a shoot today to boost your business’ online presence!

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