Ready to Sell Your Home? 5 Tips from a Photographer’s Point of View!

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Are you ready to sell your home and feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed? The home-selling process can be both stressful and expensive. Yet, one aspect that truly makes a difference in how long your house sits on the market is photography. In today’s modern world, a buyer’s first impression occurs visually, whether it be online or from the link that their realtor sends them. So, if you want to sell quickly, use these 5 tips and tricks from an experienced photographer’s point of view.

#1 Think About the Strongest Features of Your Home

When you prepare to sell your home, you’ll want to highlight what appeals most to buyers. Either sit down with your realtor or research online about what current buyers are seeking. (And yes, what buyers seek does change with trends, so it never hurts to do a little research!)

Current features that you may opt to photograph include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a large backyard, new bathrooms, a pool, or any other upgraded features in your home. Highlighting these features entices buyers because this is what they are ultimately investing in. While you may have a beautiful nursery or a talent for interior décor, those elements won’t be selling. Looking for a room-by-room list of tips? Check out 7 Home Staging Photography Tips That Will Help Sell Your Home.

#2 Time of Day Matters

                                  incorrect time of day                                                                    correct time of day

This is truly something only a seasoned photographer might think about. Taking photographs at the wrong time of the day might take a beautiful property and put it on someone’s “No” list before they even see it. A property that faces east often photographs better in the morning and a home that faces west photographs better in the afternoon. As the front of the home is most important for the listing, be sure to keep this in mind as you take photos yourself or have someone come out to your house to do so.

#3 Don’t Discount Perspective

Aerial photography didn’t become popular until the 1980s, but even with 40 years under its belt homeowners are still discovering just how much of a difference it can make with potential buyers. Using a drone to snap some shots of your property can truly highlight some of your home’s most desirable qualities. Do you have a large plot of land? How about a nearby lake or large body of water? Are you close to downtown? Is the property set back off of the road so kids could roam free without worrying about cars? Don’t hesitate to showcase these features. Showcasing the right feature can make a huge difference in an offer!

#4 Choose a Great Cover Photo

The cover photo will be the first impression that the buyer has of your home. Choosing the right one is the difference between having them investigate an open house, schedule a showing, or keep scrolling. So, your checklist for a cover photo should be a neat, centered, and colored photo that has you saying, “Wow! I want to see more.”

#5 Less is Always More

When you’re photographing a home, it’s always best to put personal items, storage, wires, trash, and clutter out of sight. The fewer items you have out and about your home, the better the impression you will give buyers. Just like showing a home to a buyer in person, staging a home in pictures is all about creating the illusion that someone else could live there. Can the buyer imagine themselves in that space? Your family photos or children’s toys likely don’t contribute to that vision, so put them away when you snap the picture.

Final Thoughts 

Good photography is the very first step to getting buyers into your home. By using these 5 steps above, you’ll showcase your strongest features and allow someone else to envision themselves in your space. Sell faster and make more! It’s that easy. So, are you ready to sell your home now?


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