Quiz: Should I Be a Solo Real Estate Agent or Join a Team?

Published On: July 25th, 2022Categories: Real Estate MarketingLast Updated: October 29th, 202218.3 min read

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Whether you’re a new agent or you’ve been working in real estate for years, you may consider joining a team at some point. But how can you know which path is the right one for you? Each agent may find different pros and cons, so really think about what is most important to you. In what environment do you produce your best work? Are you a more hands-on learner or do you prefer in-depth training first? Answer these questions and more below to see if joining a team or being a solo real estate agent is the better fit for you.

1. How do you usually approach the start of a large project?

  1. I break it down into smaller tasks and make a list of what I need to do and when.
  2. I search for proven strategies or seek out the advice of someone with more experience.
  3. I like to focus on the big picture and start taking action on the most important tasks first.

2. Do you find it easy to follow through on tasks once they’re on your agenda?

  1. I find it easy to hold myself accountable once I’ve committed to a task and a timeline.
  2. I prefer having someone to check in with daily or weekly to help me stay on track.
  3. I complete the tasks I commit to, but they may or may not happen on schedule.

3. In what environment do you produce your best work?

  1. I like the flexibility of working from anywhere, whether it’s at home, in a coffee shop, or on the road.
  2. I prefer working in an office with other people and having some separation from home.
  3. Where I work doesn’t affect my productivity as long as I can focus on my task.

4. What learning style works best for you? 

  1. I learn best under pressure when I can put into action what I’m learning in real-time.
  2. I like more formal training and watching others do something before trying it myself.
  3. I have no preference for formal or informal training, but I prefer being able to learn at my own pace.

5. How comfortable are you at marketing your business and attaining leads?

  1. I’m comfortable managing both the marketing and lead generation for my business, whether it’s social media, cold-calling, or networking.
  2. I would like more help with marketing, lead generation, or both.
  3. I am comfortable doing my own marketing and lead generation but need more help with time management to accomplish both.

6. How much of your earned income (commissions, fees, or salary) are you willing to trade for more support in your business?

  1. I would prefer to keep as much of my earned income as possible.
  2. I’m okay taking home less of my commission if it means I receive more help with leads and working transactions.
  3. I’m happy to trade some of my income for more support but would prefer to take home more than 50% of my earnings.

Now it’s time to add up how many A’s, B’s, and C’s you answered above. Which one did you agree with the most? Find it below to see which result you got! And remember, there’s no “right” answer – just the right answer for you.

Mostly A’s: A Solo Real Estate Agent

You may find it easier to accomplish what you want to do on your own, without needing to focus on a team’s goals, too. Having strong organizational skills and an eye for detail are helpful skills in being a solo agent. But being solo doesn’t have to mean you’re on your own. You can seek out a mentor and hire lead generation and transaction services to help your business grow.

Mostly B’s: A Team Agent

You may find working on a team is the best structure for you. No matter where you are in your real estate career, a team can provide many benefits for you (read more about them here). You can even take what you learn there and grow your own personal business if you ever choose to leave the team.

Mostly C’s: Mixed Results

You may find yourself on the fence about being a solo real estate agent or joining a team. It’s probably why you took this quiz! It’s possible you’re a team agent who just hasn’t found the right team yet. Or maybe you’re a solo agent who could benefit from weekly or bimonthly meetings with a personal coach. Try making a list of pros and cons for each choice to see which one you connect with more.

What answer did you get? Do you agree? It really comes down to the structure that makes the most sense for you. A lot of agents are happy to talk about their experience, whether you join their team or not. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and interview multiple brokerages and agents within each. Get to know the people you would work with the most and be honest with them about your working style. If they aren’t the right fit for you, they might have other recommendations. One day you can even start your own team!

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