QR Code Benefits: What Are They Good For?

Published On: February 21st, 2022Categories: Real Estate MarketingLast Updated: October 13th, 202214.3 min read

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You’ve probably seen QR codes around, as many restaurants now use them in place of physical menus. But did you know there are QR code benefits for real estate agents, too? A QR (quick response) code is basically a more advanced barcode than you would find on a product at a store. Real estate agents can link QR codes to any website or marketing material for more visibility. The code uses less physical space than traditional materials, which lowers your marketing expenses. In addition, QR codes track individual scans to specific users, which means an agent can capture data on how their marketing is performing. Here are just a few ways you can use QR codes to streamline your marketing plan and collect measurable data.

Share Contact Info

Everyone gets business cards all the time – and most people stuff them in a junk drawer or throw them out. One of the most basic QR code benefits is having a digital business card that can’t be thrown away, won’t fade with time, and can be re-shared over and over. Print a few heavy stock or laminated cards with a QR code linking to your digital business card, or “vcard.” Carry one with you at all times and place a few others on your desk, in your lobby – wherever potential clients might see them.

Share Your Property Search Website

Use a QR code to quickly share your property search website or mobile app with potential clients. Many leads are lost in the time it takes to respond to an inquiry and show some properties to them. Cut some of the extra steps involved in the client conversion process by providing an easy-to-use QR code when meeting with prospective buyers. They can scan the code and gain instant access to start their search – and it will all feed into your database.

Share Your Listings

Get your listings out there with a QR code linking to a single property website or to a landing page with all your listings. Place the QR code at your open house with a note, “see more like this,” if you have similar properties that potential buyers might like. If you have a steady stream of listings, print the code on your business card to increase visibility and better serve your seller clients.

Capture Open House Data

Open houses can be great ways to sell a home and meet new clients at the same time. Getting everyone to sign in and leave all their contact info can be hard. Then you have to manually input everything in your database. Ask guests to scan a QR code instead, which takes them to a sign-in page where they can also see information about the home. If you connect your database to this web page, the data they input will be added automatically.

Better Advertisement Placements

When designing an ad, it can be difficult to fit all the necessary information in the designated space – especially if your budget can’t afford a full-page or a half-page sized ad. Let a QR code do the heavy talking for you! Design the ad with only the most important info that will grab a viewer’s attention and have them scan the code for the rest. Bonus benefit – your ad will now go with them on their phone instead of staying at the little league field, on the grocery cart, or in the magazine you placed it in.

Agents need to stay on top of new tech and innovations to distinguish themselves from the thousands of other agents in their area. If the goal is to work smarter and not harder, then technology is the answer to both a unique value proposition and automating processes. These QR code benefits help impress potential clients with quick response (see what we did there?) marketing and save yourself time on the back-end by not having to manually input all their information. Get creative with your QR code placement to capture more attention – put your QR code on branded giveaways so your name and business come up in every conversation. Your name and number are only a camera snap away!

Some free QR Code Generators include SurveyMonkey and Bitly

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