How to Market Yourself on Social Media for Your Real Estate Business

Published On: January 27th, 2020Categories: Real Estate Marketing, Tips & TricksLast Updated: December 1st, 202211.6 min read

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It’s no secret that social media is one of the key ways that you can up your game in real estate marketing. While anyone can use social media (seriously anyone — the accounts are free!), that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone knows how. Here are some of the top ways to market yourself and your real estate business (listings, showings, open houses and more), using social media. 


#1 Use Hashtags to Target Specific Audiences 

Hashtags are one of those social media tricks that might not be on your radar unless you’re looking to market. If you research keywords or branded hashtags, your posts will be pulled into certain streams and channels. This means that they’ll appear whenever someone clicks on the hashtag you used or when they search it. Hashtags help you narrow down the focus of your content on one specific topic. For people looking specifically for posts on that topic, this can help increase your reach among your intended audience and allow more individuals to see your posts. 

For a list of useful hashtags, check out 30 Hashtags for #Success.


#2 Remember to Promote the Entire Town — Not Just the Property

This is a tip that you might not think of initially. While it’s tempting to consistently post about your company or listings, your followers will want a little variety. Some supplemental content they might enjoy includes any information you can provide them about the areas where the listings are. Remember to promote the entire town so they know all the benefits that are out there. Are there great schools? A low crime rate? A new mall going up? What would make this a great place to live?

More about why supplementing strong marketing posts is important in #4! 


#3 Answer Questions for Potential Buyers 

Social media is not only a marketing tool, but it’s also a tool for customer service. If you’re putting content out there on social, be prepared for it to come back in the same form. As social media is known as a fairly instant medium for communication, you’ll want to make sure you look for any comments and questions. You can easily gain a reputation as an attentive company with great customer service just by ensuring that all your social media followers are taken care of. 


#4 Have a Strong Variety

By all means, use social media as a mechanism for true marketing. Put up listings and properties that you want to showcase. Perhaps some of the properties that don’t get as much attention or ones that are new. That said, be careful not to bombard your audience. You want to make sure that you have a strong variety of posts, and it’s not just listing after listing. Why? They likely aren’t always going to be in the market for a property. Seeing other content (information about the area they live in, links to interesting articles about the market or perhaps spotlights in your area) will help them stay interested even if they’re not actively looking. 


Final Thoughts 

Following these tips and tricks will get you up and running, and after that, all you have to do is stay consistent. Social media is a great place to market because it’s not only free, but it has a far reach. Make sure your sphere of influence knows what you do! Get out there and get marketing the easy way. 


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