5 Best Resources for Real Estate Agents

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5 Best Resources for New Real Estate Agents

So, you’re a newly licensed real estate agent – welcome to this exciting world! Now is the time to set the tone of your real estate career and build your strategy for success. There are many resources that will guide you on this path and it’s helpful to identify your biggest and best ones right from the start. These resources will help establish your brand, drive your momentum, build a solid foundation, and provide expert industry advice. Let’s take a look at five of the best resources for new real estate agents.

#1: Your Brokerage

It is so important to choose the right brokerage for your needs because they’ll be one of the biggest resources available to you throughout your career in real estate. If you’re interested in selling lake houses, for example, you should look for a brokerage with a strong sales history and a good reputation in that niche. You’ll have access to their network of agents, industry professionals, and resources, and you’ll have more credibility under their reputation.

#2: A Mentor

Find a mentor in the industry that is an expert in what you want to specialize in. Look for someone with business habits that you want to build and who is eager to share them with you. They should also be able to give honest and constructive feedback. They don’t necessarily have to be in your brokerage or even in your state, but they should have enough time to check in often and provide you with consistent guidance.

#3: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Every business needs a foundation of models that outline what your business will be and how you’ll conduct it. Start with models and activities that have been proven to work, such as those in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller, Dave Jenks, and Jay Papasan. They present four models to start a business and maintain continued growth; the economic, lead generation, budget, and organizational models. Start with these and then customize them with your own touches as you gain experience.

#4: Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are some of the best free resources out there for new agents. Joining local agent groups, such as Austin Real Estate Alliance (AREA), can give you access to a wealth of experience from your peers and a place to build your referral network. You can also network with and seek advice from lenders, title agents, and other industry colleagues. They are often preferred partners of the larger agent groups on Facebook.

#5: Podcasts

Podcasts are a time-saving, educational resource for new (and experienced) real estate agents. An active agent spends a fair amount of time traveling to and from appointments. So, why not use the time to catch up on industry news and business strategies? The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is one of the top-rated podcasts among agents; Tom has over 30,000 hours of coaching experience himself, and he talks with best-selling authors, industry experts, and veteran agents.

Identifying a core set of resources, such as your brokerage, mentor, business models, peer networks, and industry news will give you a place to focus your time and energy. This is most important for new agents because they can get overwhelmed by the number of resources available to them. There are many ways to be a successful real estate agent and not every way will work for every agent. The resources we’ve listed here are meant to set you up for success. They’ll also support the additional resources you’ll eventually find work best for you as you gain experience in your career.

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