10 Open House Tips to Host a Better Event

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Why should you spend more time and money on making one open house event better? Because the point of an open house isn’t just to sell one house, it’s also to connect with potential new leads. Use the event to show your professionalism and resourcefulness – show that you’ll go above and beyond for your clients. So how do you throw an even better open house that will keep people talking? Check out our top 10 open house tips to host a better event!

Use Eye-Catching Signs

Place eye-catching signs in busy intersections to grab people’s attention as they drive by. Use bold colors and directional arrows, and keep the text concise and easy to read. Include your phone number so people can reach out for more info if they don’t have time to stop by.

Have a Good Playlist

The right playlist can make all the difference at an event. Set the mood by matching the music to the aesthetic of the home you’re holding open. Fix the volume to a background level so it will be heard throughout the home but won’t overwhelm conversations. 

Read the Room

Improve your skills in reading people and situations so you can navigate the open house smoothly and confidently. Know when to approach people and when to give them time and space to process. Guests will feel less pressure and your conversations will be more natural.

Play a Game

Play the host of a short and easy game, where multiple guests can get involved and win small prizes. You could ask them trivia questions about the home or send them on a scavenger hunt from room to room. They’ll explore and learn about the home, and have fun doing it!

Co-Host with a Lender

Ask a lender or title agent to host the event with you. They’ll be able to answer more in-depth questions about parts of the real estate transaction that you (legally and ethically) can’t. This is also a great way to develop strong relationships with other industry professionals.

Place Signs Throughout the Home

Place signs throughout the home that call attention to its best features. Make sure they look professional and aren’t blocking any pathways or viewpoints. In a vacant home, place QR codes on the signs to show guests what it looks like virtually staged.

Host at Weekday Happy Hour Time

Host your open house on a weeknight around happy hour time to catch people coming home from work. Now your event has become a convenient time and place to both view a potential new home and network with other local professionals.

Hold a Demonstration

If the home has a unique selling point, (e.g. a professional-grade kitchen) hold a demonstration to kick off the open house. Hire a chef to cook and serve canapes, showing off the top-rated appliances and entertaining the guests. Be careful of strong smells and food allergies!

Pass Out Goodie Bags

Send guests home with goodie bags of branded items (only if it’s your listing). Include your business card and a flyer with the home’s listing details and offer deadline. Now they have a visual reminder of the home and motivation to call sooner with an offer.

Do the Follow-Ups

Follow-up with everyone! This includes other real estate agents and people who said they weren’t that serious about buying a home. You never know where a lead will come from or what future opportunities will come from the conversations you have now.

Which of these open house tips is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and share some of your own! Each open house event you host is an opportunity to improve. You’ll discover new ways of attracting buyers and connecting with the people you speak to. So keep working on your open house strategy until it’s better and better and your client list is bigger and bigger.

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